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Ok so last night was pretty damn awesome.......here are some pics with mini explanations.

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Right now I'm writing a reading summary on an article about feminism...sometimes I hate women.

Anyway that's not the point of this entry.
Recently I decided and thought (a lot) about whether or not I liked this guy I work with enough to pursue anything...because quite frankly the flirting is not one-sided. So I decided taht I would try it out and see if it went anywhere. I changed my general attitude (somewhat) and left myself open to possibilities. And it was going ok...until...the other night...........he was rolling silverware at our restaurant and I had just gotten off.He was going to be there for awhile so I offered to sit with him and keep him company so he didn't die of boredom. Well it was fine for awhile until he randomly got up without explanation and went and stood with Chelsea (co-hostess, who was still working) for a long time (like 15 minutes). So needless to say I was a little pissed. So I said goodbye (with no intention of hugging him like normal) he hugged me and I left. Sunday night we had an employee party nextdoor. We both knew that we'd see each other there and I was ok with it...I mean it's not like we were dating or anything. And Chelsea was also there. When I arrived I walked by him said hi and he proceeded to hug me. While that's all fine well and good...we didn't talk all night. Why? Because he was mostly with Chelsea...now Chels is a social butterfly so she was with everyone. But you get my point. I hope I'm just being stupid..but it just figures that for the first time I have "feelings" (if you can call it that) for someone..it all goes awry. Hmmmmmm.....

Anyway in other news....I CAN DRIVE MY CAR!!!

You know what I'm really starting to get FUCKING pissed at the Grobanites...on the post boards it seems that I can't say anything without offending someone....I'm not even saying outright rude, horrible, offensive things...but I tried to post a happy post about last night and all i've gotten in return are comments about being considerate to those around you at the concert as in singing, yelling...etc...

I don't apologize for my behavior. I had an excellent time and I refuse....REFUSE... to let a few "grobanites" who think that his concerts are symphonies and not in fact CONCERTS ruin my happiness!!! I had a great time and I don't care how many people heard me yelling.
It was last night. I saw him in Atlanta.

I saw him in Houston and knew what to expect but I was on the lawn seats for that, and this time pretty damn close to the stage (not floor seats thought. It was amazing!!!! I LOVE THAT MAN!!!!! He is so funny and dorky! He yelled thanks at me when I was the first to yell about being at the New York show when he first sang "America"...(some crazy girl yelled first (me) then he responded with looking my way and said "Oh thanks, thanks for coming" and I almost died). If any of you were in the audience, if you heard the same crazy girl yelling (the only one to begin with) when Lucia starts playing "Bohemian Rhapsody" that was definately me!!! But I was sitting behind some really uptight older people who turned and looked at me and my sis, everytime we yelled, and made faces, covered their ears, shook their heads with disgust you name they did it...so we only made it worse. Besides, if you didn't expect to hear screaming girls then you certainly are daft. I had such a good time. He sang BEAUTIFULLY! And although I typically praise every move he makes, I don't think that the LAtG was the best performance of his, but this was miles away in goodness! At one point he said "Cool Beans" and his look of embarrassment and realization at the phrase that just graced his oh, so kissable lips, was priceless. It was amazing. Have I said that yet? Cause it was. I sat next to this really, REALLY nice girl who won the essay contest and met him before the show...so she and I gushed..well she did, I pouted and bowed to the hand that touched the man that is perfect. Mmmmmmmm.......I am so starstruck and in love right now...it's not even funnyHe saw all the glowsticks and started running to each side of the stage yelling and frantically waving his hands " light sticks!!! lightsitcks!!" It was great cause me and the three other people I was with were the only people in my section with glowsticks so when he came by us he was totally looking at us! More importantly....me.

And he was definately talking to me when I was the first to yell when he introduced "america" by saying..."This is something I started back in New york..(me yelling hysterically:: WHOOO YEAH!!!!!!!!!) Oh, thanks, thank you for coming..." He looked right in my general direction and I was waving my lightstick like the world would end if I stopped. I could not have been happier.


JOSH IS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm in Philosophy...bored out of my shit. And all that's keeping me going is that the Josh concert is tomorrow night. And I've been thinking...yes duck and cover.

True love/soul mates...etc.
This is from "Ever After" and it describes my feelings right now perfectly.

Do you really think there's only one perfect mate?

As a matter of fact I do

Well, then how can you be certain to find them? And if you do find them
are they really the one for you or do you only think they are and what
happens if the person you're supposed to be with never appears or she
does, but you're to distracted to notice

You learn to pay attention

Then let's say...God puts 2 people on earth and they are lucky enough
to find one another but one of them gets hit by lightening, well then
what? Is that it? Or perchance you meet someone new and marry all over
again is that the lady you're supposed to be with or was it the 1st?
And if so, when the 2 of them were walking side by side, were they both
the one for you and you just happen to be the 1st one 1st or was the
2nd one supposed to be 1st? And is everything just chance or were some
things meant to be?

There Chew on that!

I hate going to work

Just wanted to give credit where credit is due: the josh "retarded" icon I'm using was made by: whiterose122  and the "grobania" icon I will also be using is from there. And I also got lots from the community Joshcons including: gaueko_izar , fairyprincess86 , aknockout  and some others. So thanks guys!!!!




Yay! From whiterose122!

I found these on lj user: whiterose122

Josh Groban is Love

From born2mugglz

What's YOUR anti-drug?

Corinne and Josh
  • Will never have a handful of adult girls.
  • Enjoy opportunities to almost elope far too often.
  • Only speak in song.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

Hmmm..Science lecture

Now I'm in my huge science class...and with the simplistic minds of some of my classmates...it has turned completely into a political debate/discussion. I want the hell out. Meh! I'll comment more later.